CrossFit - Functional Fitness

What Is CrossFit?

This is a common question – understandably so, as CrossFit can be described as a lot of things. CrossFit is highly effective fitness training style; basically strength and conditioning with a new perspective.

It Is Community

One of the reasons why CrossFit is so special is because of the community. Physical training can be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but having a group of people experiencing it with you and supporting one another through it, forges a strong bond. Very strong friendships are made here.

It Is Growth

Facing adversity every day builds confidence, helps you believe in the home team – you! It pours into your every day life, giving you courage to face fears that stand in your way. You empower yourself. You become a high speed problem solver. And you ready yourself for anything.

It Is Enjoyable

Our community believes in laughter – it makes everything easier, and it teaches us all not to be so serious. We play games, and we make movement fun.

It Is Functional

We move in ways you will need to move in every day life. We teach you how to create good positions and build strength in those positions. This lets you be ready for anything – be that playing Ultimate Frisbee with some friends, going on a long mountain hike, or running away from a bear. With time, practice, and guidance, you will re learn how to use your body and integrate movement into your life.

It Is Scientific

As a methodology CrossFit is designed to be measurable, testable, and repeatable. This means we can define what fitness is and continuously measure it to make sure you are making progress. In our 101 class we get into quite a bit more detail on how this all works – but if you’re interested in the intricacies check out this article from

How We Move

Olympic Weight Lifting

This is a movement focus class that runs weekly, focusing on the Olympic lifts. It runs in cooperation with the GPP class – this is a great option to build speed, power, and general competency with the Olympic lifts.


    Great for building explosive power, balance, and full body strenght!


    Great for building leg and glute, core, and full body strength!

  • JERK

    The Jerk helps build a stable overhead position and shoulder strength as well as balance, footwork, and core strength!

Gymnastic Strength, Skill, & Mobility

This is a movement focus class that runs weekly, focusing on moving and controlling your own body. It runs in cooperation with the GPP class – this is a great option to build coordination, flexibility/mobility, relative strength, and learn basic gymnastics skills.


    The first step in the ability to climb and pull your body to an object. We will help you find the right scale to work to improve and build your pull-up!


    Pulling your body to something, then over that thing. A really cool expression of pulling, pressing, and full body power. We’ll help you build it (from the ground up if necessary)!


    Being upside down and having your arms locked out overhead isn’t done enough. This movement will help you build internal and external awareness, shoulder and back strength, and balance. Also, it’s crazy amounts of fun!

Strongman and Odd Object Conditioning

This is a focus movement class that runs weekly, focusing on moving odd objects in different ways and building strength in really useful positions. It runs in cooperation with the GPP class and is a great option to build absolute strength, neuromuscular activation, and find/fix/prevent imbalances in your body.


    Using your whole body to carry weight builds your core and your whole body strength like nothing else!


    These simple tools will teach you how effective (brutally so!) the most simple strength training tools can be!


    Build your legs, your core, your mental dominance, and your ability to swear at the coach with sled pushes!

We will be hosting different coaches in different movement methods!

It’s so easy to get caught only moving with “gym movements” – sometimes we forget to actually use the fitness we have been building and have fun with it. That’s why we designed this class. Our goal is to find experts in other movement fields to come in and lead classes with us. They will be here on Saturdays for anywhere from 1 to 3 month blocks (will depend on the coach and the movement method).


    You can expect to learn and play with various martial arts, dance, and different sports.


    Learning new movement patterns can help your training, teaching you how to unlock new neural pathways.


    As always, the goal is to have some fun along the way!

You Do YOU!

This is a time to come in and work on some mobility, skills, strength, or catch up on a workout you missed. Chances are coaches will be doing their training during some of these times. Feel free to join with the coaches to workout as they do the programmed GPP and Focus Movement classes as well! There are open gym times available every day of the week, excluding Sundays and holidays.


    Throwing down with coaches and friends makes training WAY more fun! Play and suffer together!


    Feeling like working out alone to clear you head and get some space? Come and workout during open gym!


    Are you injured or working through a movement/mobility deficiency? Come to open gym and the coaches can help you still move,train, and improve. Don’t let setbacks keep you from your goals!

We want to help you reach your highest potential!

We specialize in training the human body so that it will adapt and change. We are passionate about the continuous understanding of the body’s systems, and the signals they need to kick into adaptation. Our goal is to help you build your body’s form and function to reach their highest potentials.

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Our facility, coaches, and programming are all in place to help you git your goals!

Our purpose is to help you move well and keep building yourself up while also enjoying the process. The LAB101 program is your first step. Start Training Today!

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