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Edward King has been a CrossFit athlete for 9+ years and a CrossFit/strength and conditioning coach for 5+ years. Prior to coaching full-time, Edward was a medic in the Canadian military. 
Edward is voracious and relentless when he sets his mind to either learning the intracicies of, or when progressing to mastery of, a subject. That is evident in his role as coach and leader, and in his continued journey as a high level athlete. You will see in his daily actions that this drive, when coupled with his desire to help people and empower them to enjoy who they are today and every day, is a large part of what makes him an excellent coach and athlete, and incredible human being.

Edward’s Story

I grew up in a small city on the east coast of Canada. Most people who get to know me are surprised to find out that I was not the confident jock type growing up – in fact I was the exact opposite.

Clumsy – Shy – Overweight – Awkward – Scared 

     My trajectory seemed to be an exciting life of living in my parents’ basement, playing video games until one day I woke up an old man. Luckily, the universe had different plans for me. 

     In my last years of high school I was fortunate to have some mentors guide me – one of those was my shop teacher. Disclaimer – I was probably the worst shop student in the world – but I took the class because I just liked hanging out with this guy. He played football in his university years as a linebacker and was still very in shape. He was a man’s man, and the school jocks loved him – I was out of place, but he was kind to me. His kindness indirectly led me to a radical life change. 

     One day in 2007, he called me over during break – he was laughing at his computer screen. A look of amazement on his face, he pushed the screen over to show me a video of two men exercising. He explained that this was “CrossFit” and that they were doing a timed workout called “Fran”. I asked him if he does CrossFit and he replied laughing, “No way! That stuff is too crazy for me!” I chuckled along with him not taking my eyes off the screen – I was fascinated. 

     You know that feeling of having a song stuck in your head? That was me with the idea of CrossFit. I never played sports; hell, I hated participation sports day every year – It was just embarrassing for me – but for some reason this was burning in my head. I read and watched every piece of content CrossFit.com put out. Their scientific approach to fitness spoke to my nerdy side and started changing the perception I had on what it was to work out. Lucky for me, that same shop teacher ran the small weight room in our school – and it gave me a safe place to experiment. 

     The limiting factor for me growing up was my lack of confidence, I hated moving around others – I finally worked up the courage to give one of their workouts a shot. I was so nervous; I had no idea what I was doing. I quickly realized that I could not actually perform any of the movements, the weights were too heavy and I could barely do a push up. Frustrated – I went back to the drawing board to figure out how to start. 

     Failing and retrying several times, I slowly figured out how to scale movements for myself and do easier versions of all the workouts. This was out of character for me; I usually would give up at any sign of difficulty. To most, my transformation was how my body looked and performed. Those things were just the physical manifestation of the real growth – self-confidence, self-acceptance, and purpose. It made me feel worthy of any opportunity, know that anything was in my grasp if I just problem solved it long enough. 

     This grew into a need to continuously challenge myself. I took aim at that which scared me the most – knowing that growth comes from courage. I attended university far away from home, or anyone I knew. I joined the Canadian Forces as a medic and moved across the country. During all of these changes I never dropped doing CrossFit – it was my rock – my way to always be working on myself, my little dose of facing fears every day. 

     The tower of bravery I had built, through daily practice, gave me permission to be worthy of my dreams. I left the Canadian Forces to pursue the things that I would idolize others for in all of the CrossFit videos I would watch –  being a coach, business owner, and athlete. I trust myself to make mistakes, fix those mistakes, and keep moving forward – it’s the greatest gift I could ever receive. 

For me CrossFit is about building the tools of mastery – using the lessons you learn from your practice and applying them to any challenge that is in front of you. It is my daily reminder that I’m worthy to pursue excellence, and to live with virtuosity. 

Providing a safe place for people to – challenge their fears – fail – get back up – and try again – is what being a coach means to me. To help others build the tools so that they can believe in themselves.

Helping facilitate the processes of realizing self-efficacy in others by being an example and guide is my purpose and driving force.



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