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At the Movement Lab we have a couple steps to help pass along some necessary information, start/continue you on your training path, and get you familiar with what we offer and how we offer it.


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Our process:

1. Go through our LAB101 Foundation Program.

LAB101 Program Information and Sign-up


2. Choose the membership time-frame that fits your goals and commitment.

Our Membership Options


3. Download our gym workout/schedule/tracking app onto your phone.

4. Register/check-into your class to reserve your training spot.

Simply use the app to choose your classes and reserve your spot anytime, anywhere.

Our Class Schedule


5. Come to class and work with us on achieving your goals.

This startup process snapshot is boiled down to some simple first steps so you have an idea of our process. Once you’ve gone through these first steps, we promise to work with you to keep progressing safely and steadily toward your individual goals.



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Why Do I need to do the Lab 101 Foundations Course before I can get a membership?

Our 101 Foundations course is very special for a couple of reasons

We teach you the fundamentals of movement – Both safety and strength come from how you structure your movement – we familiarize you with common movements used in class so you don’t feel lost on your first day.

We do mobility screening and assessments – These identify any missing ranges of motion in your body which help us personalize your workouts so that you can break plateaus and avoid injuries.

You learn how best to use your membership effectively –  Our membership has a lot of different options to customize your experience, we want to make sure you are taking full advantage of what we offer.

Recovery and nutrition education – We introduce you to the basics of recovery and food science so that you can take educated first (or continued) steps to creating a lifestyle that builds you and your goals daily.

Ready to start your journey, enjoy the process, and be a part of an amazing community?

Our purpose is to help you move well, enjoy the process, and hit your goals. The LAB101 program is your first step. Start Training Today!

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