Application Phase

Application Phase
Application Phase

Muscle Group:



Purpose of  the Application Phase:

This phase is when we would advise participating in a competition, or doing a fitness event that would challenge you (Spartan Race, weekend mountain adventure, CrossFit competition, wrestling a bear, etc.) as this is when all the movement tools you’ve been developing will feel and perform at their peak.

This is when we’ll have in-house fun with things like: lifting meets, competitions, and challenges. Participation will, of course, be optional – but encouraged (so you can experience firsthand how much fun it can be to play with the power tools you’ve spent time and effort developing).

“Lab Work” (Skill/Strength)

Testing/Benchmark Day – Aerobic Power aka: “Engine”
For time/as fast as possible:
1 mile run
*Rest 15 minutes before moving on to next component of today’s training.

“MetCon” (Daily Workout)
Fifteen minutes to find a One Rep Max (“1RM”) for:
Olympic Lift – Clean
*Then rest for 1:00 before:
As many reps as possible in five minutes at 90% of the 1RM Clean established above.

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