When should I show up?

If you are brand new – trialling a class, or doing LAB101 Foundations program – it’s a good idea to show up twenty minutes prior to class start time.

If you are a regular coming to class it is still best to be ten to fifteen minutes early so that you are changed and ready to go.

Do I need to come early to stretch and warm-up?

We design our warm ups the best we can to make sure you are ready for the day’s training – that being said – you know you’re body best! If you are feeling a little beat up from prior training days, coming in a little early to get extra limber and warm isn’t a bad thing.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Bringing a water bottle is always a good idea but other paraphernalia you see members bring to class aren’t mandatory and are usually because of individual needs. Talk to a coach to see if you could benefit from any special gear.

What should I wear?

Indoor training shoes and non-restrictive clothes that you are comfortable to sweat in are key! 

*Please Note – Outdoor shoes are not permitted inside the Lab in order to keep the facility as clean as possible for our members.

Where do I park?

In front of our building there are many unmarked parking stalls. We share all of these stalls with the neighboring businesses; you are free to park in any available.

Can I bring a friend who’s been itching to try CrossFit?

Of course! Mention it to a coach, and bring your friend to sign up for a free trial class at the front desk.




What should I do if I don’t understand something that was said?

Our coaches always make sure the last thing they say is “Are there any questions?”. You asking your question is very important, not just for your success, but for everyone’s success. At Movement Lab we encourage questions and discussion. If anyone shows differently make sure you bring it up to a coach. Belittling people is not tolerated at CrossFit Movement Lab.

What should I do if a movement is too difficult for me?

Things are supposed to be hard, but only a certain amount of hard. If you feel that the movement is to difficult and your coach has missed this, make sure you speak up and they will help you find something more appropriate for the workout at hand.

What should I do if a movement becomes painful or too intense for me?

Stop your workout. Pain can be your body’s signal to tell you something is wrong. Our coaches are good, but they can’t feel when you are in pain and as such you have to let us know. As a coach we can adjust the workout so you can still get your sweat on but stay away from pain. 

Some athletes have taken off their shirts during the workout. Is this normal?

Not only is it normal, it’s encouraged! Most of the time people are taking their shirts off due to being too warm – our society is too afraid of skin nowadays, but at Movement Lab everyone is welcome to work out shirtless and no one will be shamed because of the way they look. Bodyshaming or any form of ridicule is not tolerated at CrossFit Movement Lab.




Should I put away my equipment?

Yes – Movement Lab belongs to everyone and we should all treat it with respect. Depending on the day, we may have the equipment set up differently to help the flow of class, but the coach will always direct you on where it should go after use. Make sure you always cheer on any of your fellow classmates still working out before packing up!

Should I train everyday?

Having a practice every day is a good thing. But that doesn’t mean doing high intensity training everyday. There is a delicate balance between training and recovery that has to be maintained in order to adapt and grow, and that balance is a little different for everyone. Our coaches will help you find your balance.



Do you have any discounted rates?

We definitely do! We offer several different discount offers on our Lab 101 Foundations program as outlined on our membership page. As far as discounting our monthly dues, we definitely feel we’ve found a balance point between low, affordable monthly dues and being able to offer an amazing facility, staff, and services for your health and fitness journey.

What about student rates and/or memberships?

If you are a student we understand that finances can be a lot tighter. We still want you to come and train with us even if you’re on a tight budget. Be sure to take a look at our student ambassador program on our membership page.

How do I hold my membership?

We’re currently working on the membership hold policy. Stay tuned for an update! Until we have our policy nailed down, we’ll be handling holds on a case-by-case basis.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, we need you to send an email to admin@crossfitmovementlab.com and request a cancellation. Your cancellation email mus be received at least 15 business days before your next payment.

Is there any hidden fees or fine print with cancelling my membership?

Sort of. There are two possible fees when cancelling: A cancellation fee of $100, and any contract payout fees.

We don’t want to charge you the $100 cancellation fee! We want to waive it! Here’s how to have that happen: Upon cancellation of your membership we will send you an email requesting some feedback on your experience at Movement Lab.  If you fill out the survey and provide feedback to us, we waive the cancellation fee.

We advise reviewing your membership contract or speaking with us about it before cancelling, as there may be contract payout fees depending on your membership contract length.

We have excellent equipment, coaches, and programming.

Our purpose is to help you move well, enjoy the process, and hit your goals. The LAB101 program is your first step. Start Training Today!

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