Which class should I pick?

We’d love to have you! We offer free trial class passes on “most days”. Occasionally we have days reserved solely for members and as such we don’t offer free trial classes on those days. Email us (link below) to set up a free trial class date/time!

We also offer (for purchase) a single drop in pass, or an unlimited week drop in pass that allows for access to a full week of training in any of our:

  • GPP Classes (These are our standard 1 hour CrossFit classes)
  • Open Gym time slots
  • Specialty Movement coaching and programming for the day

*Please note: Drop-in passes do not grant access to our Saturday guest coach sessions, or CrossFit Movement Lab hosted seminars.



Drop-in and train with us for a day, or a week!

Welcome! Whether you’re trying us out, here for your first (of many) classes, or from out-of-town and wanting to have a solid training session: We’re glad you’re here! Contact us to setup a free trial class! I want to pay for a drop-in class or for a week at the Lab!