CrossFit Kids  Starts September 5th 2017!

At CrossFit Movement Lab our focus is to assist and empower every member with the proper tools to move, train, and play effectively. Those values do not stop at our adult members, and we cannot wait to provide your tiny humans with the proper form and mechanics for athletic movement while focusing on having FUN! The movements in each class are scalable to the child’s individual level, providing a challenge and reward each class.

Our CrossFit Kids athletes are instructed by a certified CrossFit Kids Trainer.

CrossFit Kids: Ages 6-11

CrossFit Kids is different each class and is designed to capture your child’s attention, to focus on proper movement, and to have fun! Each class starts with a warm up, skill development, short workout, and ends with a game. The goal of CrossFit Kids is to teach children to love fitness, regardless of their physical abilities. In this class, little or no weight will be used.

*At this time we are not offering a CrossFit Kids class for this age group. Please provide your information below to be contacted when a class will be available*


CrossFit Teens: Ages 11-17

CrossFit Teens workouts are constantly varied and consist of gymnastics work, Olympic Weightlifting, and other movements that Teens may not be able to experience in a regular gym. Similar to the CrossFit Kids classes, each class begins with a warm up, skill development, short workout (WOD), and, depending on the maturity and goals of our athletes, may end with a game utilizing the movements learned in class. Foundational movements will be introduced using body weight, and learning form for Olympic lifts will begin with a PVC before moving up in weight slowly based on how well the athlete performs the movement. Workouts are scaled or modified, depending on the athlete’s ability and to prevent injury.

CrossFit Teens classes start August 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45pm – 4:30pm. Cost is $150/month for 8 total sessions.

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Sport Specific/ Dryland Training

CrossFit is an excellent strength and conditioning program that will help athletes excel in other activities they might participate in. Depending on your activity, one of our qualified coaches will develop an individualized program that will challenge your athletes both mentally and physically, while improving their strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and power through age appropriate Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastic movements, and metabolic conditioning (WODs).

*Please contact one our coaches for more information regarding this program*

Meet Ashley Stasiewich Our CrossFit Kids Coach!

Ashley, or as she’s better known as “Staz”, has been crossfitting since 2014 and was the first member at CrossFit Movement Lab.

Itching for a new challenge from her previous workout routine, Ashley sought out a CrossFit gym. What she found through CrossFit was far more than a hard workout – the community provides unlimited support to all levels of athletes which provides an environment for lasting friendships and a desire to become a better human in all aspects of life.

The confidence and increase in self esteem and body image only heightened Ashley’s desire to incorporate CrossFit into her life on a more serious basis by becoming a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. With the amazing benefits she recognized from CrossFit herself, she furthered her training to become a certified CrossFit Kids Trainer with the intent of pairing fitness with fun to provide tiny humans the same atmosphere she experiences at CrossFit Movement Lab.

Ashley has had prior experience coaching tiny humans in both CrossFit Kids and Teens programs, as well as sport-specific small group training at Rock Jungle.


Get Started with the CrossFit Kids Program!

Contact CrossFit Movement Lab at the information listed below with any questions you may have! On of our coaches will be in contact with you shortly to provide further information, and to sign your child up for CrossFit Kids!

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